Johnnie's Beef - Elmwood Park

7500 W. North Ave
Elmwood Park, IL, 60707
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Review added: July 19, 2009

palmtree8888's Ordered:

Dry with sweet

palmtree8888's Review:

Truly the best beef on earth that I've found. Excellent meat, juice flavor, and bread, French fries are great and the Ice is killer. Very hard to pass up the combo here, but you might want to concentrate on the beef itself.

Palmtree8888 may eat here again.

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Review added: February 1, 2009

tom1953's Ordered:

Sweet & Hot no dip

tom1953's Review:

Without question, the best beef in the Chicago area. The only problem is they downsized the sandwich about 10 years ago, they use smaller bread to make it look big but my belly knows when it's getting cheated. So to be satisified I have to eat 2. Not fair.

Tom1953 may eat here again.

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Review added: January 29, 2009

jesshatala's Ordered:

Combo, wet, sweet

jesshatala's Review:

This beef is worth the drive for the city dwellers. The staff is proficient, no nonsense, and bi or even tri lingual. The line is usually long, but fast moving and there is ample parking in back. The Italian Ices (or just "ice") are a little tart for my taste, but my BFF Danimal seems to love them, as his order is always "combo, dipped, sweet, ice and a fry". I'm a big fan of the fries myself- they come in a cone of wax paper. Like I said, no nonsense. I recommend the drive west on North Ave from the City. Its a pleasant jaunt through old Chicago train yards, corner stores, and social clubs. All in all this is one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday. Call it a real Chicago "brunch".

Jesshatala may eat here again.

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Review added: July 21, 2008

thomasmichael's Ordered:

hot and dipped

thomasmichael's Review:

excellent beef,lines are always out the door,excellent sausage and italian ice also

Thomasmichael may eat here again.

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Review added: May 9, 2008

Guest's Ordered:

Juicy beef w/sweet peppers.I also get the fries and a Italian ice in the summer. It's the best! I've been eating at Johnny's since 1958. You always know who never everyone from the neighborhood and the food is worth the trip.

Guest's Review:

The one person who I remember the most at Johnny's when I was a kid was this big fat guy who took your order and always said gimmie a dog w/everything and put shoes on it! You knew that was a to go order. You also had to go in the correct door, or you would have to squeeze your way through and end up outside again,You can always smell the food cooking, I love Johnny's Beef and hot dogs etc. It's worth the trip!

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Review added: March 28, 2008

aaron's Ordered:

Recently, I have ordered the Beef (dipped with peppers), Italian Sausage (dipped with peppers), and the Pepper and Egg Sandwich (the Lenten season)

aaron's Review:

Johnny's has been a familial staple for many years despite being a half hour drive (on a good day)... I've heard rumors that the stand has recently changed owners and with that change, the quailty of the food has taken a drastic turn for the worse. The last beef I had was dry, even though it was requested to be "thoroughly saturated" - the sausage was spicy decent, although clearly it was not Italian sausage, plus the peppers tasted like they had been sitting on bananas for a week, adding this odd quality to already disappointing sandwiches; and lastly the pepper and egg (which is a seasonal delight, was undercooked, runny and unable to be eaten. The only salvageable content to any of the sandwiches was the "au jus" dipping juice... It pains me to make such terrible comments about a legendary beef stand, but they brought it upon themselves by tinkering with the recipes. My family has established that it is no longer worth driving to Johnny's for beef, sausages or pepper and egg sandwiches, maybe you'd like to determine that on your own, but don't say that you weren't warned.

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