Al's #1 Italian Beef - W. Ontario, Chicago

169 W. Ontario
Chicago, IL, 60610
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Al's #1 Italian Beef - W. Ontario, Chicago Overview

From its humble beginnings in the West Loop, to its appearance as a featured dish at Hillary Rodham Clinton's 50th birthday party to landing in the pages of Gourmet, Al's #1 Italian Beef has had quite a journey. "People would smell the charcoal cooking the sausages and peppers and they would come to the corner of Lafln and Harrison", said owner Chris Pacelli of the original 1938 curbside stand. "Now we use machines that shave the beef so thin you can see through it".

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Monday:9am-11pm Delivery:Yes
Tuesday:9am-11pmDelivery Charge:$ 2.00

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Review added: April 8, 2012

Chi-TonW's Ordered:

Hot dipped.

Chi-TonW's Review:

This is my favorite Italian beef sandwich. It has a slick red sheen of spicy oiled giaridiera and it's always a big mess which is why I gave it an overall 5! An Italian beef should always be a big mess! It is a little expensive, but well worth it.

Chi-TonW may eat here again.

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Review added: November 20, 2010

MrBigTime's Ordered:


MrBigTime's Review:

I love Al's and have been quite pleased with the Taylor St and Route 41 locations sammiches. I have only been to the W. Ontario location once. The beef was a bit more stringy than I am used to from Al's. Average sandwich with great fries. I may go back, but I'd probably hit Portillo's on Ontario instead.

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Review added: August 28, 2009

markofarrell's Ordered:

I've been to Al's twice, once in Oak Lawn, the other on Taylor street.

markofarrell's Review:

If you want to be satisfied with an itlaina beef sandwich or a combo, don't go to Al's. Yes, its tasty, but very expensive (21 dollars for 2 sandwichs and medium drinks). Combo is supposed to ne a good sandwich but very little beef. I don't mind paying for food but at least make sure I'm full leaving. If you want to try a good beef sandwich, I would recommend Jay's on North and Damen, any of the portillo's or Roseangela's on the southside (95th and California). Al's very disappointing.

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Review added: February 5, 2009

alisa's Ordered:

Big Beef, Sweet and Hot Peppers, Dipped of Course

alisa's Review:

Outstanding, Outstanding Outstanding. So amny Italian Beef sandwiches are tough and dry, so much so they get caught in my throat on the way down. Not Al's. It's Tender, Juicy and incredibly flavorful. I recommend this sandwich to everyone.

Alisa may eat here again.

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