Luke's Of Chicago - Scottsdale

15223 N. 87th St.
Scottsdale, AZ, 85260
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Chicago Italian Beef, Polish, and Italian sandwiches. Brings back memories of the absolute best of Italian Beef from Chicago. Beef, sausage and giardianara also sold by the pound!

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Luke's Of Chicago,

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Review added: March 21, 2012

Chris's Ordered:

Hot and Wet of course

Chris's Review:

It was awesoem

Chris may eat here again.

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Review added: December 23, 2010

Giardiniera King's Ordered:

sweet & juicy! 2 sides of hot and aus jus

Giardiniera King's Review:

I've had Luke's beef in Tucson and at 16th st, and this location currently is best! The only thing slightly better at 16th is the Giardiniera. But, customer service at 16th st. has gone in the toilet, not here. Staff was friendly, beef was AWESOME and fries were hot and crunchy. I now have NO desire to return to the cranky, angry staff at 16th st!

Giardiniera King may eat here again.

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