Godfathers Eatery - Lockport IL.

301 South State Street
Lockport , IL, 60441
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Godfathers Eatery - Lockport IL. Overview

Our main goal at Godfathers Eatery is to serve our customers a premium lunch or dinner, at a fair competitive price. Godfathers Eatery is family owned. Owners Chris and Gina are serving up some of the highest quality subs, Italian Beef, and pizza.

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Monday:10am-8pm Delivery:No
Tuesday:10 am - 8 amDelivery Charge:
Wednesday:10am-8pmParking:FREE PARKING LOT

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Review added: October 12, 2012

's Ordered:

Dry with mozzarella cheese!!

's Review:

Godfathers has the BEST Italian beefs ever!! Very friendly family owned business!! I go there every time I get a chance!!

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1 Total Review
Review added: October 11, 2012

's Ordered:

Dipped with hot peppers

's Review:

Excellent beef!!!! Great family environment. Will Definitley be back!

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20 Total Review s
Review added: October 9, 2012

Chris's Ordered:

Juicy with extra Hot Peppers

Chris's Review:


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