4th Street Chicago Italian Beef - Des Moines, IA

204 4th Street
Des Moines, IA, 50309
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Before Fong's and other late-night places started operating downtown, Tommy Farrell opened this beef stand (you can't really call it a restaurant - there's no stove) to capitalize on the Court Avenue nighttime crowds and hungry bartenders who might be looking for a bite. (His son is a co-owner of Liars Club.) In the summer, there's a small sidewalk table. Otherwise, if you want to eat in, you're at the small bar, where Farrell will most likely encourage you to page through a thick book of mafia members he keeps on display, with his father's page proudly bookmarked.

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Review added: October 4, 2010

jethawk's Ordered:

Is there even a choice here.... oh i remember small and overpriced

jethawk's Review:

I honestly dont know how this place stays open its horrible and the people who run it were rude

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2 Total Review s
Review added: July 17, 2010

SoundGuyDave's Ordered:

Hot and dipped.

SoundGuyDave's Review:

The only thing he makes is Italian Beef and it is one of the best I've had outside Chicago.

SoundGuyDave may eat here again.

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