Joe Boston's Italian Beef

2932 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622
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Wedged in between Chicago and Grand Avenues, this gray brick shack has enough black steel bars on the windows and doors that it conjures more of a cell block vibe than Italian beef dive. For those who like their beef gravy super seasoned, the notes of herby oregano and the sweet afterglow of garlic will rock your palate. Most beefs we've tasted are cooked through and seem like they've been floating in gravy and sitting in steam tables for a month of Sundays. Boston's beef, on the other hand, has a pinkish cast, and is much closer to a good Sunday roast with various shades of doneness.

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Review added: January 8, 2011

JCON's Ordered:

dipped hot

JCON's Review:

Joe Boston's is top of the food chain. Quality beef, excellent gravy, the bread holds up to the dip. Go here.

JCON may eat here again.

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Review added: January 31, 2009

Blackhawk_35's Ordered:

Wet, sweet and hot as per usual

Blackhawk_35's Review:

Boston's pretty damb good. It appears to be such a hole which I love. I wasn't sure how the beef would be and no one really talked about it, but $i figured that it's been around so long it has to be decent, and I was right. I very much agree with the Sunday Roast comment and that the the beef seems to be slightly unevenly cooked, but it's seasoned so well that it doesn't matter. They have very good and hot giardinera. The staff is very cool and the fries are good too. Brontoburger didn't like the fact that they only had cheddar. I think it's great, because as bronto knows, you're not supposed to get cheese on your damned beef! Boston's has cheddar for fries and burgers. Not Beef!! They figure, if you want to order a beef wrong, here's some shit cheese to go with it. I do appreciate that you will nix the cheese next time because og this. Boston's just educated another beef connoisseur.

Blackhawk_35 may eat here again.

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Review added: July 21, 2008

thomasmichael's Ordered:

hot and dipped

thomasmichael's Review:

very good sandwich,good peppers,very friendly service.Stopped in one time just before Super Bowl,to grab a couple pounds,didn't pre-order,owner went in back and sliced me a couple pounds in no time,might not sound like much,but I know that wouldn't happen at Mr. Beef.

Thomasmichael may eat here again.

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Review added: May 7, 2008

BerwynMuscle's Ordered:

Dipped with hot peppers, or dipped with sweet.

BerwynMuscle's Review:

I am very happy with this place. My sister first told me about it, and the people she works with rave about it. I gave it a try and was very happy. The prices are reasonable, and it looks like the place hasn't changed in the last 40 years. I do not drink much soda, but Bostons has Mountain Dew on tap, so that makes me happy. I think the fries are very good too, and was happy with the hotdog when I ordered that. We even took my dad here and he loved it.

George may eat here again.

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Review added: April 17, 2008

brontoburger's Ordered:

hot dipped, with cheese sadly cheddar was the only option.

brontoburger's Review:

I don't know anything about the history of this place but the fact that cheddar is the only cheese option and the name Boston is in the title are a little suspect BUT, I gotta tell you this is one of, if not the best Beef joints in town. Joe Boston's pretty much sums up everything I look for in a good Beef sandwich, very well prepared beef, really tasty peppers and the bread does not disappoint one bit. My only grievance with this place is the cheese issue, I know a lot of people don't consider a Beef a Beef if it got cheese on it but I don't care. I also know a lot of people would chastise me for having a dalliance with cheddar and I willingly submit to any trash talking that might occur. That was a mistake. Next time I'll do without the cheese, cheddar on a Beef is a sin and I repent. With that said, this place is great and the service is friendly, which I only consider a bonus to an already exceptional establishment. If you are looking for a great Beef sandwich Joe Boston's is well worth a visit.

Brontoburger may eat here again.

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