Budacki's Drive In

4739 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL, 60625
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Located in Ravenswood, in the same building since 1962, Budacki’s has been an Italian Beef staple offering great Beefs and Pomme frites.

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Review added: April 8, 2012

Chi-TonW's Ordered:

Hot dipped.

Chi-TonW's Review:

I used to live down the block and ordered the beef whenever I had a craving but only because it was the closest place. The beef is average tasting and giardiniera is tub bought. Nothing special.

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Review added: February 19, 2009

BeefBard's Ordered:

I ordered my beef hot and dipped.

BeefBard's Review:

I live in the neighborhood and was intrigued by the review I found on this website. However, in my opinion, Budacki's beef did not live up to the "5" rating it received. The beef was tender, but not particularly flavorful. Also, it was clumpy and a little stringy in places. Whatever flavor the meat and its juice had was masked by an overpowering giardinare. It's good to know Budacki's is in the neighborhood, but I'd still rather make the drive to Jay's or other joints.

BeefBard may eat here again.

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Review added: May 19, 2008

brontoburger's Ordered:

Hot Dipped with Mozz.

brontoburger's Review:

Not long ago my friend told me about this spot by his house called Budacki’s and he summed it up as a “legit” Beef joint. So one day after skating with said friend we went to eat at said Beef joint and I was not disappointed. Apparently it makes an appearance in the film “I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With", which was set in Chicago, this is a moot point however. This place probably has one of the best Beefs I’ve ever eaten. The dip was thorough and the beef itself was really well prepared, tender and not stringy at all. The real topper here though was the peppers; they had a nice crunch, perfect amount of heat I think even a piece of pickled ginger that was out of this world. Also I have to mention that this place uses a very tasty mozzarella. The only flaw I could find with this place was that they had sub-par fries (not crispy enough) but then again you don’t come to a spot like this for the fries. All in all, this place is the real deal, well worth checking out and they’ve got a parking lot to boot.

Brontoburger may eat here again.

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