Hot Diggity Dog - Minneapolis, MN

614 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN, 55414
(612) 331-3759
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Hot Diggity Dog is one of a kind in Minneapolis. They specialize in regional hot dog favorites (the Boston dog has baked beans and bacon) and specialty hot dogs (the fire dog is a good example of something you can't find anywhere else in Minnesota.) Hot Diggity Dog also does Italian Beef sandwiches that are slow-cooked in a crock pot with the french rolls dipped in the aus jus the roast beef has been cooking in.

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Monday:11 am - 8 pm Delivery:No
Tuesday:11 am - 8 pmDelivery Charge:
Wednesday:11 am - 8 pmParking:
Thuresday:11 am - 8 pm
Friday:11 am - 9:30 pm

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, , , Nashville, TN,

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